Getting the best price

This page explains how WOWMAX achieves the best exchange rates

WOWMAX is a platform that combines two powerful techniques - DEX aggregation and on-chain arbitrage - to optimize cryptocurrency trades. DEX aggregation means that WOWMAX breaks down a large trade into smaller parts and exchanges them on multiple decentralized exchanges simultaneously to minimize the overall negative price impact, or slippage.

In addition to aggregation, WOWMAX also takes into account the fluctuations in the prices of native chain tokens, such as CRO, ETH, and BNB. By doing so, it can identify arbitrage opportunities for other tokens that can be traded both to the native chain token and to stablecoins in two different pools. In this way, WOWMAX not only aggregates trades across DEXs, but also extracts arbitrage profits by trading other tokens between pools with stablecoins and native chain tokens.

This innovative approach to cryptocurrency trading is represented visually in a figure, demonstrating the potential for maximizing profits through DEX aggregation and on-chain arbitrage.

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