Connect more decentralized exchanges to WOWMAX
WOWMAX aims to offer users access to the widest range of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) possible. By connecting with more DEXs, WOWMAX can provide users with more trading options, better liquidity, and lower trading fees. WOWMAX can accomplish this by building connections with different DEXs' smart contracts. Additionally, WOWMAX will ensure that any new DEXs we integrate are secure and reliable, and do not pose any risks to users.
WOWMAX V3 - an AI-powered gas optimization algorithm
Gas fees on decentralized exchanges can be a significant barrier to entry for many users. WOWMAX V3 will be an AI-powered gas optimization algorithm that will help users reduce their gas fees by selecting the most cost-effective transaction route. By optimizing gas fees, WOWMAX can offer users a more cost-effective trading experience.
WOWMAX on Arbitrum, Polygon, Ethereum, and Avalanche
WOWMAX aims to expand its reach by integrating with popular Layer 2 scaling solutions like Arbitrum and Polygon, as well as popular blockchains like Ethereum and Avalanche. By integrating with these networks, WOWMAX can offer users access to a wider range of DeFi protocols and applications.
WOWMAX V4 - Perpetual futures with staking
WOWMAX V4 will be a new feature that will enable users to trade perpetual futures contracts while staking tokens. By staking tokens, users can earn rewards while providing liquidity to the platform.
DEFI DAO and DEFI ecosystem
WOWMAX aims to create a DeFi DAO and ecosystem that will enable users to govern the platform and participate in decision-making processes. This will help promote decentralization and community-driven development. Additionally, WOWMAX aims to invest into other DeFi projects that will be using WOWMAX exchange services to create a vibrant DeFi ecosystem that will offer users a wide range of DeFi applications and protocols.